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Basic course Welding


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Welding simply explained, is the process of using a type of heat to join metals together. Welding is a process. With the right material, skill and will, anyone can learn and become a welder.


S'inscrire pour le cours

Détails du cours

  • gratuit
  • Certificat de participation
  • Anglais
  • Niveau de base
  • Moins de 2 heures
  • 5 Modules


  • Introduction
  • Welding process
  • Safety during welding
  • Checklist
  • Test your knowledge

Informations sur les modules

1 Minutes

5 Minutes

Critical components
Welding types

2 Minutes

Welding apparel – Personal protective equipment (PPE)

10 Minutes

Pre-welding checklist
During the welding process checklist
Post-welding process checklist

15 Minutes

Test your knowledge

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