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Agriculture & Environment

Working with plants and animals in this profession, everything revolves around working outdoors, in the fresh air, with animals and in nature. In the field of agriculture, nature and the environment, you mainly work with animals and plants or are responsible for their protection. For example, it is about breeding and caring for animals or growing and harvesting plants. The production of fruit, vegetables, meat or milk and marketing thereof. Another nature-related field of activity is the design of green spaces. In addition to that another focus is the planning of nature conservation and environmental protection measures, the monitoring of waste and wastewater disposal or the compliance with environmental protection regulations.

What is important in these activities:

  • Good physical condition (e.g. lifting bags of fertiliser, working outdoors)
  • Care and responsibility
  • Knowledge of nature and the environment

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Here you can find jobs in the field of Agriculture & Environment:

Field with vegetables

Gardener/Vegetables & Fruit

This profession is all about growing and caring for plants

Plant cultivation
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Man on a tractor ploughing


This profession is all about the production of plant and animal products

Production of plant and animal food
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Courses in the field of Agriculture & Environment

The Level 1 = basic level is meant to give the very first basics for a profession, more like an orientation towards that profession. The Level 2 = intermediate level is for people that have mastered the basic courses and want to get a more detaile knowledge for a profession. The Level 3 = advanced level is meant for people who already have knowledge in a specific industry and want to learn about specifications in that industry. The Level 4 = professional level is being designed for all those that are already working and want to acquire some new knowledge for that profession.

Basic Level

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