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About us

Bavaria and Africa - a long-term partnership

The Free State of Bavaria grew from an agricultural to an industrial region and today is home to major corporations. The state government of Bavaria promotes the internationalization of the region and maintains its relations with other states and regions around the world. In Africa, Bavaria is focusing on projects and cooperation in various fields of activity.
Bavarian Africa package - for sustainable development
In the year In 2019, the Bavarian state government approved the Bavarian Africa Package. It should help recognize Africa as a continent of opportunity and potential. To this end, Free State supports the sustainable development of each African country through these areas of action:
Economy and vocational training School education and science (especially strengthening research in the field of global health) Agriculture and the environment, climate change and resource scarcity Population management.

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bbw international - education international

Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (Bavarian Business Education Center) (bbw gGmbH) is a non-profit organization within the German bbw group, a leading organization for professional education and qualifications in Germany and internationally. The bbw team develops the service in close cooperation with the business community. In this way, they meet the real needs of companies - and create excellent future opportunities for participants. In Africa, Bildungswerk der Bayerische Wirtschaft is active in 13 countries to date.

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The Bavarian State Chancellery, in cooperation with the international division of the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw), provides a unique digital platform for information gathering, networking and vocational training.

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