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Basics for Starting a business 2


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Beyond the business idea, for you to start and run your own business, you need to be ready for the business journey. A business owner has specific personal characteristics that can help them in managing the unpredictable journey of business in Africa. 

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Course details

  • free of charge
  • Certificate of participation
  • English
  • Basic
  • under 2 hours
  • 7 modules


  • Introduction
  • The entrepreneur
  • Characteristics of an entrepreneur/business owners
  • The business journey
  • Financial readiness
  • Sources of start-up capital
  • Test your knowledge

Information on the modules

1 minutes

2 minutes

Who is an entrepreneur?

2 minutes

What are the characteristics of an entrepreneur/business owners?
How to improve or grow these personal characteristics?

3 minutes

A day in the life of a business owner – watch the video below

3 minutes

Financial readiness
Meet John, the carpenter.

2 minutes

10 minutes


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