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Basic course in human communication


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We communicate constantly and everywhere. Especially (but not only) in the digital space, communication and relationship work play an important role. However, this requires not only rules, but also an awareness of how human-centered communication can succeed in the first place. To this end, you will find examples of some well-known models and approaches that are intended to support you in your work and with whose help we can try to understand how communication actually works.

The individual chapters of this WBT deal with one model each. In the last chapter you will also find a conclusion to what you have learned. You are welcome to click through the chapters chronologically or select specific models directly.

  1. The iceberg model
  2. The 4-ears model
  3. Transactional analysis
  4. The sender-receiver model
  5. Conclusion: Communication in the digital space
  6. List of Sources
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  • The iceberg model
  • The 4-ears model
  • Transactional analysis
  • The sender-receiver model
  • Conclusion: Communication in the digital space
  • List of Sources

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