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Waste management guide for Bricklayers


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Welcome to our “Waste Management” digital training units. Our aim is to offer you lots of tips and suggestions for your practical work to help you avoid work-site waste. Once you have worked through the practical information units, you can take a quiz to check your level of knowledge while putting everything new you have learned into practice. We hope you enjoy your digital learning journey and gain lots of new knowledge you can use in your work!

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  • Introduction
  • The differnt types of waste
  • Management of different types of waste
  • Waste and construction sites
  • Statutory and regulatory requirements
  • The statutory and regulatory impact of work-site waste management
  • Benefits and prospects#Test your knowledge

Informationen zu den Modulen

2 Minuten

4 Minuten

Inert Waste (IW)
Non-Hazardous Waste (NHW) and Ordinary Industrial Waste (OIW)
Hazardous Waste (HW)

5 Minuten

2 Minuten

Inert waste
Non-hazardous waste
Hazardous waste

4 Minuten


5 Minuten

Statutory and regultatry requirements

3 Minuten

10 Minuten

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