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Course to develop explainer videos


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In this course you will get detailed description of the steps to create your first explainer video. These trips should help you create a good conceptual foundation for your medium. This way, you can ensure that your videos ar not only aesthetically pleasing, but also didactically purposeful.

  1. Find the "Right" Content
  2. Writing the script
  3. Visualize the text
  4. Embed the video in a complex competency task
  5. Technical production & embeding
S'inscrire pour le cours

Détails du cours

  • gratuit
  • Certificat de participation
  • Anglais
  • Niveau de base
  • 5 Modules


  • Find the "Right" Content
  • Writing the script
  • Visualize the text
  • Embed the video in a complex competency task
  • Technical production & embedding

Informations sur les modules

5 Minutes

7 Minutes

10 Minutes

10 Minutes

10 Minutes

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