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PartnerAfricaProject (PAP)

PartnerAfrikaProject (PAP) in Senegal

The PartnerAfrikaProject (PAP) in Senegal is a comprehensive project that focuses on three important areas:

  1. Career orientation: The project helps people in Senegal identify their skills and interests in order to choose a career that meets their needs and goals.
  2. Short qualifications: The project offers short qualifications to give people in Senegal the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in digital careers.
  3. Labor market integration in digital professions: The project supports people in Senegal in finding work in digital professions and establishing themselves in this area.

Through this project, people in Senegal can realize their potential and improve their lives by gaining the skills and knowledge they need to build successful careers in the digital world.

Project period December 2021 - December 2024

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