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Bavarian House

The Bavarian House

Dual training for Cape Town

The Bavarian House in the township of Delft in Cape Town is the first institution for dual training in the region. In addition to various educational programmes and a mentoring programme, it also accommodates a think tank for politics, business and schools. At the same time, it is an integral part of a holistic, multifunctional community centre.


Dual training

Target Group:

Young people


South Africa



HOPE Cape Town Association & Trust

The Nex – Indawo Yethu


The Bavarian House, part of "The NEX – Indawo Yethu" community centre, offers young people a dual training. The Southern African-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SAGCC) had already introduced this model, which has been tried and tested in Germany, elsewhere in South Africa in the 1980s. With the project funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery, this dual training with its typical combination of vocational school and practical experience in the company has also arrived in Cape Town. The Bavarian House also offers entrepreneurship training.  

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  • A group of new students starting their logistics vocational training
    HOPE Cape Town Trust
  • Students in class with Father Hippler
    HOPE Cape Town Trust
  • Mural painting on Bavarian House
    HOPE Cape Town Trust

Three-year and one-year training courses in logistics 

The partnership with local industry is important for any dual training programme: Due to its proximity to Cape Town Airport and numerous freight and transport companies, the Bavarian House is focused on the area of logistics. In addition to a three-year training programme, it also offers a one-year training programme. 

In addition, there are other educational opportunities, such as workshops on democratic practice, computer training specifically for women or a programme for developing entrepreneurial skills. The Bavarian house also offers a "resource centre". It houses a library and a computer room with 24 PC workstations, amongst other things.  

Integrated into a multifunctional community centre 

In the greater Delft area, the majority of people do not have school education or vocational training. The township is notorious for its under-performing education, lack of job opportunities and high crime rates. The HOPE Cape Town non-profit organisation, part of the partnership between the Western Cape and Bavaria, has therefore set up a multifunctional community centre in Delft.  

In addition to the Bavarian House, under the umbrella of "The NEX", there is a health centre, a youth hostel with homework support and career guidance, and a centre for early childhood development, which also offers training for teachers. The Bavarian House is therefore an integral part of a comprehensive initiative with a holistic view of the needs of local people. 

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