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Entrepreneur Incubation Hub

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Vocational Training for Young Entrepreneurs

The Amandla organisation has founded the “Safe Hub” project in South Africa to provide safe places for children and adolescents. A sports and education campus forms the logistical heart of each hub. The infrastructure in Tembisa (Gauteng) now also houses an “LED” (Local Economic Development Zone) for small and medium-sized enterprises. This has spawned a follow-up project, the “Entrepreneur Incubation Hub” with vocational training for young entrepreneurs. 


Further education/personnel development, Entrepreneurship

Target Group: 

Young entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises


South Africa


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Half of all South Africans between the ages of 18 and 25 are unemployed. Children and young people often grow up in an environment characterised by drugs, violence and crime. The idea behind “Safe Hubs” - educational and sports centres that provide a place of physical and emotional safety - is to promote positive development from an early age. This is even to be taken literally: Since the central element is the educational programme "EduFootball".

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Young entrepreneurs need support to succeed  

The infrastructure provided by a “Safe Hub”, offers a multitude of opportunities beyond the project itself. In Tembisa (Gauteng), a number of small and medium-sized enterprises have been established at the local “Safe Hub” and a so-called "LED" (Local Economic Development Zone) has emerged. This has brought about a hundred jobs and additional skills training to the town. 

Regional growth factors play a central role in the design of the LED. The economic situation of the country is analysed at macro level and the concrete offer is tailored to the needs of the local population. During the further development of the project, it became apparent that many local entrepreneurs would like to use the logistics of a “Safe Hub” to start a business, but lack the skills to do so. Therefore, the "Entrepreneur Incubation Hub" was created as a follow-up project, which starts exactly at this point and is financially supported by the Bavarian State Chancellery. 

The aim is to reach out to entrepreneurs with workshops and a public location 

Future entrepreneurs have some catching up to do in the areas of financing, project management and services. Appropriate vocational training increases the chances of a successful start as a founder. Three-week workshops are planned, covering topics such as financing and business start-up as well as professional skills. These workshops are intended to reach 50 young entrepreneurs. In addition, a public location is planned that will tap into entrepreneurial resources and then be available to even more entrepreneurs and developers.  

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