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Basic course Milling and Turning


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You now have the opportunity to study turning and milling in even more detail so that you have a better understanding of lathe and milling machines. This course will also help you acquire initial technical knowledge, which will be very helpful later in your training. You might also find that some of this is familiar, since various small but fundamental points are repeated at various stages.

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Course details

  • free of charge
  • Certificate of participation
  • English
  • L1 Basic
  • under 2 hours
  • 6 modules


  • Job description lathe operator specializing in turning machine systems
  • Calculating feed and speed for lathes
  • Conventional and CNC lathes
  • Definition of milling
  • Structure of a lathe or milling machine
  • Test your knowledge

Information on the modules

2 minutes

10 minutes

10 minutes

2 minutes

5 minutes

10 minutes

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