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This profession is all about the manufacture of precision metal components.

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What does a Machinist do?

As a machinist, you produce precisely fitting metal parts. For this work, you use processes such as turning, milling, grinding or drilling. You work with large machines and production systems. You do this partly with your hands. In the meantime, however, many machines are computer-controlled. A very well-known process in this area is 3D printing. Depending on the company, cutting machine operators produce individual parts, prototypes or large series. The components are used in aircraft construction, the automotive industry and many other industries. Setting up, maintaining and repairing the machines is just as much a part of a cutting machine operator's job as monitoring machining processes.

What is important?

  • Care and a sense of responsibility (e.g. when setting up machines)
  • Dexterity and eye-hand coordination (e.g. when turning metal)
  • Observational accuracy (e.g. monitoring the process)
  • Technical understanding (e.g. maintenance work)

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Courses for Machinists

The basic level is intended for people just starting out in their careers. Here you can acquire basic knowledge for your future profession in self-study units.

Basics for Machinists

In this course, you will learn basic knowledge for machinists.

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