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Business, Administration & Management

In the office, everything revolves around the organisation of processes, scheduling and clerical or order processing. Typical areas are, for example, administration, marketing and advertising, insurance, human resources or real estate management. In sales and distribution, the focus is on goods and services of all kinds. In order to be able to plan and coordinate business activities, business management and legal principles play a decisive role - as they do in accounting or tax matters.

What is important in these activities:

  • Customer and service orientation
  • Articulation
  • Organisational skills
  • Computer Literacy

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Here you can find jobs in the field of Business, Administration & Management

Woman and man at a reception desk


This profession is all about welcoming visitors and guests

Business, Administration & Management
Show details of Receptionist
Man at a desk with a computer


This profession is all about organisation and planning

Business, Administration & Management
Show details of Secretary
Face of a woman behind a screen

Office assistant

This profession is all about supporting the office process

Business, Administration & Management
Show details of Office assistant

Courses in the field of Business, Administration & Management

The basic level is intended for people just starting out in their careers. Here you can acquire basic knowledge for your future profession in self-study units.

Basic course Receptionist

This course will give you the necessary basic knowledge of a receptionist

Show details of Basic course Receptionist

Basic course Secretary

This course will provide you with basic knowledge you need as a secretary

Show details of Basic course Secretary

Basic course Office assistant

This course will guide you through basics of the tasks of an office assistant

Show details of Basic course Office assistant

The Expert level is suitable for building on the basic knowledge of the Basic level in self-study units or for refreshing your knowledge while working.

Unfortunately, there are no courses here yet.

We are currently working on courses at this level. Subscribe to our newsletter and you will be informed immediately when there is something new.

The Professional level offers courses for experienced professionals (at least 2 years of professional experience) who want to develop their skills further. The courses in this level include self-learning units as well as live webinars or seminars in presence.

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