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Office assistant

This profession is all about supporting the office process.

Show me your job! Office assistant

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What does an Office Assistant do?

Office assistants are all-rounders and ensure that things run smoothly in the office. You can be deployed anywhere and thus provide support wherever help is needed. You take care of the mail and know exactly how to stamp and send what. You run errands, copy documents, put them together in the specified order and prepare the meeting room. You are friendly on the phone and can assess what information is relevant. You can also compile and process invoice documents.

What is important?

  • Organisational skills and diligence
  • Verbal and written expression
  • Computer Literacy

Courses for Office assistants

The Level 1 = basic level is meant to give the very first basics for a profession, more like an orientation towards that profession. The Level 2 = intermediate level is for people that have mastered the basic courses and want to get a more detail knowledge for a profession. The Level 3 = advanced level is meant for people who already have knowledge in a specific industry and want to learn about specifications in that industry. The Level 4 = professional level is being designed for all those that are already working and want to acquire some new knowledge for that profession.

Basic Level

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