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Creative work in these professions, everything revolves around creativity in the development of new things. The things to be developed can be created with the use of digital media but also through manual work.

What is important in these activities:

  • Patience, ability to concentrate and accuracy
  • Dexterity and eye-hand coordination
  • Creativity and sense of colours and shapes
  • Customer orientation (e.g. when advising customers, in sales)

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Here you can find jobs in the field of Design:

Two women at looms

Carpet weaver

This profession is all about making carpets, mats, floor and wall runners

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sewing maschine

Tailor/Fashion designer

This profession is all about making customized clothes

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Courses in the field of Design:

The basic level is intended for people just starting out in their careers. Here you can acquire basic knowledge for your future profession in self-study units.

Basic Courses in the field of Design

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Other branches that might interest you

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