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Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Day 1


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Welcome to Day 1 of the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. On the first day, you will learn how to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You will learn how to prepare for a pitch, and how to approach and sell to strangers through a practical exercise.​

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Course details

  • free of charge
  • Certificate of participation
  • English
  • L3 Advanced
  • 11 -20 hours
  • 6 modules


  • Introduction
  • An overview of the SWOT analysis
  • The elevator pitch
  • The Trade Game
  • Closing off Bootcamp Day 1
  • Test your Knowledge

Information on the modules

2 minutes

25 minutes

Swot analyis
Characteristics of a successful Entrepreneur

15 minutes

Elevator pitch intro
The 9 C’s of the Elevator Pitch
Gesture and facial expression
Present your Pitch!!

20 minutes

The Trade Game Practical
Let's talk about the experience!!!
Define your business idea

2 minutes

10 minutes

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