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Innovative teaching methods and promotion of digital skills in the construction sector

We are very pleased to present another project at hub4africa. Work and Build Smarter is the theme of the project "Digital Training Workshop Soliman", which is about digital retraining and further education in the construction sector.

The first training session of the project "Digital Training Workshop Soliman" took place at the end of May. This kick-off training was about the development of the curricula and how they can be digitalised.
Blend learning and digitalisation are hardly present in this area so far. By acquiring digital skills, the participants of the "Digital Training Workshop Soliman" are prepared for the labour market of the future, creating opportunities for sustainable employment.

On behalf of the Bavarian State Chancellery, the Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft is also working here to ensure effective, practical and future-oriented further training for people, as well as for the growth of the local regional economy.


You can find more information about professions in the construction sector and what is important in this industry on our career guidance pages. Take a look and learn more about different professions!


Information about the project you can find here: 

Project page - Digital training workshop Soliman

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