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Safe Hub

Group of young people in football training. Coach and caregiver stand in the middle

Using Education, Sport and Collaboration to Create Safe Places for Young People

The AMANDLA organisation's mission is to act as a catalyst for social change. The ambitious goal: to realise the largest and most effective social franchise in the world. The “Safe-Hub” project aims to create safe places in South Africa, where children and young people can develop. Education, sports and a large portfolio of different partnerships play a central role in this context.


Vocational orientation, sport, social skills

Target Group: 

Children and young people


South Africa


AMANDLA gemeinnützige GmbH

“Every child, every day, every moment” - this is the motto AMANDLA has chosen for its “Safe Hubs”. Many young people growing up in South African townships have no access to after-school activities that help them unfold their full potential. Their lives are therefore often marked by a lack of prospects, unemployment and crime. With financial support from the Bavarian State Chancellery, each "Safe Hub" aims to help break this negative cycle and give children and adolescents the opportunity to experience psychological and emotional security.

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Sport and education as the key to positive values and a more pro-active life 

The " Safe Hub" provides high-quality extracurricular activities, people who act as role models and a wide range of support opportunities. The idea is to provide a co-used infrastructure, where a holistic concept is created through various partnerships - and where children and young people are at the centre of all decisions. 

All coaches are specially trained and locally educated social workers support networking with other institutions. The heart of the project is the “EduFootball” football education programme, funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery. This programme combines football, social skills development, holistic education, remedial teaching and mentoring:  

  • The youngest participants aged five to ten are introduced to learning primarily through play - true to the motto "Get in the Game".  

  • For eleven to sixteen-year-olds, football forms the basis for the “Go for it” programme to develop positive values and social skills.  

  • For young people aged 17 and over, the focus is on developing skills to build personality and enter education and employment: “Make your Play”. 

A concept with global reach  

There are currently nine “Safe Hubs” in South Africa, including in the Township Khayelitsha, in Diepsloot (Johannesburg) and in Gugulethu/Manenberg (Cape Town). This hub was set up together with the Oliver Kahn Foundation and bears the name of the prominent Bavarian sponsor. “Safe Hub”-activities are also implemented in Philadelphia in the United States and there are plans for another one in Berlin-Wedding. AMANDLA has long been active there with workshops, school clubs and the integrative project "GIRLS HUB", especially for young women. 

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