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Career guidance and profiling

Career guidance

Career guidance plays an important role for young people preparing for their professional future. It is a process designed to help them recognise their interests, skills and talents and explore relevant career opportunities. Therefore, teachers, social workers and trainers should know how to support young people in this important process. 

Career guidance includes various activities such as compence tests, profiling, career counselling and career fairs. These activities enable young people to gain an insight into different professions and recognise their own interests and strengths.

Another important aspect of careers guidance is the teaching of knowledge and skills that are relevant to the world of work. This includes, for example, preparing application documents, preparing for job interviews and teaching soft skills such as communication and teamwork skills.

Career guidance is an important step on the road to a successful career. Young people who consider their professional future at an early stage have a better chance of finding the right career and being successful in their chosen field.

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