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Train the Trainer

Today's working world places different demands on vocational education and training. The constant change in the world of work due to globalisation and digitalisation means that employees are forced to constantly adapt and further their education. The focus is on self-learning and shaping one's own development!

Teachers, trainers and human resource managers are therefore increasingly tasked not with imparting knowledge but with coaching learners in the learning process.

In our courses you will learn how to optimally support your learners through appropriate methodology and didactics. In addition to personal development, this contributes to increasing the success of the company and keeping it successful in the future.

You plan, structure and design the internal further training of your company's employees

In order to build a professionally skilled and motivated workforce for the future. We offer professionals, experts and entrepreneurs training that will allow them to be able to train young professionals successfully. As an expert or an entrepreneur, you could enhance your professional and personal competencies with pedagogical knowledge, skills and abilities.

Valuable Topics for Train the Trainer



TOPIC 1: German Dual VET System

An overview of the German Dual VET System as a route to employment

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TOPIC 2: People Development

What is people development and why it matters?

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TOPIC 3: Learning

Learning: knowledge or skill acquired by instruction or study

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TOPIC 4: Communication

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from a place, person or group to another

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TOPIC 5: Career guidance and profiling

Career guidance is an important step on the road to a successful career.

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Working and learning in the digital transformation

The megatrend of digital transformation, combined with advancing globalisation, will lead to fundamental changes in the world of work. 
Realignments and changes in the structural and procedural organisation of companies as well as changed work processes will lead to changed competence and qualification requirements for employees. 
There are different forecasts on the question of whether there will be more or fewer jobs in the course of digitalisation. According to the current state of science, a massive loss of jobs is not to be feared. However, there will be shifts between sectors and occupations and the mismatch on the labour market will increase. 
The workforce must be prepared and empowered through vocational education and training to cope with change. The previous occupation as the central organising principle of work will also be retained because of its socially integrative function, but in future occupation must be understood as a lifelong process that includes continuous further education and training beyond training. Comprehensive and adequate basic education is the foundation. It is the basis and guarantees the ability to connect to the necessary lifelong further education. 

Vocational education and training must increasingly promote those competences that digitally changing jobs require. But education in the sense of comprehensive personal development is also becoming increasingly necessary so that people can withstand this pressure to change and find their own way.

The digital transformation describes the fact that we are in the midst of a fundamental social change that is taking place with high innovation dynamics in all areas of our life and work. Not only are we developing and using new technical possibilities, but the way we shape our work and thus our professional learning is also changing fundamentally. This means that our attitudes, values and norms are also affected by this change.

Organisations have always had to deal with the environment around them and the changes if they want to operate successfully in the market. However, the environment in which they have to do this is much more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (so-called VUCA world) than it was a few years ago.



What is the VUCA world and what are its implications for VET?

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