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The activity of learning coaches consists to a large extent of having conversations

At all strategically important points of learning guidance there is a conversation:

The learning needs discussion, learning agreement discussion, handover discussion, interim discussion, final discussion - and this list can be continued with, for example, presentation discussions, conflict discussions, counselling discussions, goal agreement discussions, etc. In short:
Modern education and training, if it is designed to accompany the learning process that essentially takes place in the form of discussions.

This emphasis on conversation is a major challenge for some trainers.
In a learning facilitator's communication, it is not just that something is said, but above all how something is said. Relationships between people and can facilitate or completely block their encounter. Those who train others must be interested in avoiding or reducing blockages.

Over a long period of time, communication research has brought to light a great deal of knowledge about human communication and behaviour that promotes and hinders communication. 

Communication not only conveys information, but it encourages effort, modifies attitudes, and stimulates thinking. Without it, stereotypes develop, messages become distorted, and learning is stifled. Communication is the process of understanding and sharing information where listening plays an important role.

Courses in the field of communication

Basic course in human communication

This course will show how human communication works.

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