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Basic course Waitron


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Serving customers in a bar, restaurant or hotel is something that needs to be learned as serving your clients correctly will make them feel comfortable which will, consequently, lead to them wanting to come back. This course helps you to learn the basics of serving.


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  • Englisch
  • Basic
  • unter 2 Stunden
  • 4 Module


  • The What and the Why of the Waitrons
  • The responsibilities and skills of good Wait staff
  • A career as a Waitron

Informationen zu den Modulen

6 Minuten

What is a Waitron?
Why become a Waitron?
Roles available for Waitrons?

10 Minuten

Responsibilities and duties of a Waitron
Qualities and skills of a good Waitron
Hospitality and cordiality
Profound knowledge of the Menu
Personal Hygiene and Food Service

5 Minuten

Waitron careers
A day in the life of a Waitron

10 Minuten


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