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Living & working in Germany

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Life in Germany

Life in Germany is diverse and colourful.

In the following living & working in Germany courses, you will learn more about family, housing, insurance, German culture and traditions, the education system, history and society. 

Get to know Germany better and find out how you can make the most of your stay. 


Working in Germany

Entering the German world of work can be mastered with good organisation.

In our living & working in Germany courses you will learn more about the German labour market, work permits and visas, job applications and employment contracts, but also about everyday working life and terminating employment relationships. 

Here you will find courses on living and working in Germany:

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If your vision is to live and work in Germany one day, it is very important to do your homework and plan well in advance. This will make your vision a success!

Here you will find further important information:

Learn German!

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Recognition of your professional qualifications

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German Dual VET System

Click here to get an overview of the German Dual VET System as a route to employment

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