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Learn German

German courses for beginners: 

Here you will find German courses and learning videos to help you gain your first knowledge of German!


In co-operation with our partners, Rosetta Stone and Hallo Deutschschule, we offer you the opportunity to learn German effectively.


Rosetta Stone brings its proven and successful learning methods, while we integrate high-quality learning videos from Hallo Deutschschule to intensify your learning experience.

This unique combination of structured German courses and engaging learning videos provides you with a comprehensive and effective learning experience.


Dive into the world of German and expand your knowledge in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

Good luck with learning German!"


Rosetta Stone


Rosetta Stone is one of the leading platforms for learning languages.

The platform offers fast and effective results for different languages and enables you to learn to read, write and speak German autodidactically. 

With Rosetta Stone, the various sub-skills such as listening comprehension, speaking, pronunciation, reading, grammar, vocabulary and writing are systematically promoted in each lesson.

Additionally, repetition and review elements are integrated.

How Rosetta Stone works

Activation required

By clicking on this video, YouTube videos will be displayed on this website in the future. We would like to point out to you that after activation, data will be transmitted to YouTube. You can opt out of this activation at any time on the page Privacy.

Deutschkurs Rosetta Stone

Deutschkurse A1 und A2 auf der Plattform Rosetta Stone

German language course
Show details of Deutschkurs Rosetta Stone

Our co-operation with Rosetta Stone enables you to learn German on your own!

With 4,000 access points available, this partnership offers a wide range of learning opportunities to improve your German language skills.

Please note that access to the courses ends automatically after three months of use. We recommend regular use in order to get the most out of the learning content.

We would also like to point out that access is automatically deleted after two weeks of inactivity. This is to ensure that the learning resources are used effectively and that there is continuous motivation to learn.

It's best to download the Rosetta Stone app directly.

This way we can ensure that everything works smoothly.

In addition, you can also learn German offline with the app! 

Hallo Deutschschule

Hallo Deutschschule publishes a new video on YouTube every Sunday and by becoming

membership of the channel you can get additional material for the videos.

With the videos from Hallo Deutschschule you can learn German quickly, easily have fun while doing so.

You can expand your vocabulary, learn grammar and sentence structures and improve your pronunciation.

You can find more videos at different language levels on the Hallo Deutschschule YouTube channel. 

You can find information about the Hallodeutschschule and its face-to-face courses at

The learning videos that you can find here on hub4africa are roughly at level A1 and A2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages!

Shape your future and get started right away!

Test your German!

Would you like to check how good your German language skills already are? 

Then take the Goethe-Institut's online self-test here. 

With this test you can check how good your vocabulary and grammar is and how well you can understand written and spoken texts.

Here you can find courses that are in German from the hub4africa programme

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