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hub4africa | Free Training for Professionals ➡️ Train the Trainer

ℹ️ The focus is on self-learning and shaping one's own development! We now live in a fast-paced and more digital world, we have to adapt not only to how the world functions, but more importantly how we transfer skills to learners and the workforce. 

➡️ hub4africa has a series of FREE Courses specially designed for professionals who take on the role of the “Trainer” in your work environment. 

☑️ Whether it’s at school and you teach, or at higher education and you’re a lecturer, perhaps you run a business and have to coach your staff and/or clients on your products and services, or maybe you’re HR and are responsible for induction and training of the workforce, each of these require training. 

➡️ Our goal is to take you on a digital journey and equip you with the necessary skills to transfer knowledge online.  These courses cover topics such as;

1️⃣ German Dual VET System ✔️ 

With a history of over 100 years, it is based on a combination of on-the-job training within a specific company, and classroom training at a vocational school. 

2️⃣ People development ✔️ 

Describes company training and the professional, social, methodical and personal development of employees to help them achieve their goals.

3️⃣ Learning ✔️ 

Explore Learning known as an act of consciousness formation and expansion. As well as In vocational education and training, however, as an ability of action.

4️⃣ Communication ✔️ 

We explore how things are said by trainers. Communication not only conveys information, but it encourages effort, modifies attitudes, and stimulates thinking.

The COURSES under Train the Trainer you will enjoy are;

1️⃣ Basic Course Blended Learning

In Blended Learning we take teachers and trainers on a digital journey, equipping them with the skills to teach learners using current online platforms.  

2️⃣ Course to Develop Explainer Videos

Get step-by-step instructions to create explainer videos. These tips should help you create a good concepts for captivating and educational content.

3️⃣ Basic Course in Human Communication ✅ 

Learn communication in the digital space and these models namely; The iceberg model, The 4-ears model, Transactional analysis & The sender-receiver model.

4️⃣ Competence Development Part 1

Introducing lecturers, VET centre staff, mentors and HR-staff to “competence development” of learners in the field of mechatronics. 

5️⃣ Competence Development Part 2

Introducing lecturers, VET centre staff, mentors and HR-staff to “competence development” of learners in the field of mechatronics. 

If you think that any or all of the above information will help you accelerate your career and make learning easier for your students or staff then click on the link below ⬇️ to register for Free ‼️ 


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