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Training and Career Support in the Coffee Sector

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Expansion of the Value Chain, Creation of New Employment Opportunities

Coffee is Ethiopia's most important export commodity and generates about one third of the total income from the export of goods. With the help of the bbw Group, new structures for the self-marketing of coffee products are to be created in the Kaffa region. The project to promote value-added cultivation offers local people new prospects and is intended to strengthen the market segment of ecologically sustainable wild coffee.


Profiling, competence assessment, career guidance, Labor market policy, Vocational education and training 

Target Group: 

  • Direct Target Groups: Kaffa Forest Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (KFCFCU) - Bonga Polytechnical College, KaffaZone
  • Indirect Target Groups: 48 cooperatives with about 15,000 coffee collectors organized through KFCFCU, 3,000 students of Bonga Polytechnical College and future students in the new department for agro processing

Project Duration: 

2019 - 2022





Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (bbw) gGmbH

International department


Harvesting and processing certified wild coffee is a laborious undertaking. This form of production is increasingly being pushed aside by intensively managed coffee plantations, thus threatening the rainforests and the small-scale farming structures in the region. The aim of the project, which is funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery, is to shift the added value to the sustainably managed small farmers and coffee collectors.  

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The aim is to establish self-marketing structures 

With new employment opportunities in the coffee sector, young people in particular are given the chance to stay in the rural regions of the country instead of having to migrate to the cities or abroad. The bbw Group wants to help build a structure for the self-marketing of coffee products, so that almost 15,000 farmers organised in cooperatives can earn higher incomes. In addition, new fields of employment are to be created through training support and vocational promotion. 

The project involves the KFCFCU union in Bonga, which represents 48 cooperatives of coffee collectors, and the Bonga Polytechnical College, which already offers training in various professional fields. About 3,000 students can be reached annually through the college. The plan is to develop specialisations and create networking opportunities with KFCFCU.  

The plan: New jobs 

Concrete measures are implemented, such as "train the trainer" courses at Bonga Polytechnical College, the construction of photovoltaic systems and the creation of conditions for roasting wild coffee on site. By shifting the value-adding steps of roasting and packaging to KFCFCU, new jobs are thus created in the long term.  

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