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Basics of hygiene for gastronomy and food production


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The course starts with an introduction to the topic of hygiene in catering and food production. Then you will learn about the most important aspects of personnel hygiene. This is followed by the chapter on industrial hygiene before the topic of product hygiene is dealt with.
Finally, you can check what you have learned in a self-test.

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Détails du cours

  • gratuit
  • Certificat de participation
  • Anglais
  • Niveau de base
  • Moins de 2 heures
  • 5 Modules


  • Introduction to the Topic of hygiene
  • Personnel hygiene
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Product hygiene
  • Self-Test

Informations sur les modules

5 Minutes

10 Minutes

Regular personal hygiene
Hygienic behavior
Clean work clothes
Does & Dont's

10 Minutes

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of work equipment and work areas
Hygienic working methods
Pest control

10 Minutes

Biological harzards
Chemical hazards
Physical hazards

3 Minutes

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