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Workplace learning

The term work-based learning refers to learning that takes place in the workplace, outside the workplace. When it takes place in schools then it is related to work and work processes.

In learning organisation and didactic-methodological criteria, five model types of work-based learning can be distinguished, to which different concepts and forms of learning organisation can be assigned. The following figure describes them in more detail;

Work-based learning models




The spectrum of these different models and concepts of work-based learning will certainly continue to exist in the future and become even more differentiated.

The extent to which learning at work complements or replaces traditionally organised learning outside of work is difficult to judge given the current or continous state of development and research.

In any case, it can be assumed that the acquisition of comprehensive vocational activity competence can only be achieved with different models of work-related learning, whereby these models have a mutual, complementary relationship to each other in terms of learning theory, methodology and learning organisation

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