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This profession is all about the production of plant and animal products.

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What does a Farmer do?

As a farmer you produce and sell food such as fruit, vegetables, milk and eggs, depending on your specialisation. Either you grow plant products or you work with animals and offer animal products. For the latter, you know about animals and take care of them. That means you feed them, water them and clean the stables. Depending on the animal you keep, you may have to collect eggs, milk cows and even slaughter animals. Selling your products to customers is also an important part of your work.

What is important?

  • Stamina and physical ability
  • Knowledge of nature and the environment
  • Knowledge of different products (animal feed, fertilisers, additives)
  • Manual dexterity (e.g. using tools and machines)

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Courses for Farmers

The basic level is intended for people just starting out in their careers. Here you can acquire basic knowledge for your future profession in self-study units.

Basic course Poultry farming

Raise your own chickens and earn money with them

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