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This profession is all about the design and maintenance of surfaces.

Show me your job! Painter

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What does a Painter do?

As a painter, you design, coat and clad interior walls, ceilings, floors and facades of buildings. You maintain objects made of different materials and give them a new surface by applying coloured coatings. You also carry out finishing and drying work to ensure heat, cold, sound and fire protection.

What is important?

  • Carefulness (e.g. when taping and filling cracks)
  • Observation accuracy (e.g. when recognising mould stains, rust flags or efflorescence)
  • Accuracy (e.g. when applying paint evenly)
  • Freedom from vertigo (e.g. when working on ladders and scaffolding)

Courses for Painters

The Level 1 = basic level is meant to give the very first basics for a profession, more like an orientation towards that profession. The Level 2 = intermediate level is for people that have mastered the basic courses and want to get a more detail knowledge for a profession. The Level 3 = advanced level is meant for people who already have knowledge in a specific industry and want to learn about specifications in that industry. The Level 4 = professional level is being designed for all those that are already working and want to acquire some new knowledge for that profession.

Basic Level

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