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Health Care Worker

This profession is all about nursing and caring for sick people.

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What does a Health Care Worker do?

Health care workers look after patients. They keep a close eye on their health so that they can detect changes early on. They carry out medical examinations according to the doctor's instructions and are thus the doctor's right hand. They also prepare patients for examinations and operations. In the case of impaired or very ill patients, they help with personal hygiene and food intake.

What is important?

  • Empathy (dealing with sick and weak people)
  • Diligence and a sense of responsibility (e.g. when documenting care measures)
  • Psychological stability (dealing with seriously ill and dying patients)
  • Physical fitness (e.g. when transferring patients)
  • Discretion (handling patient data)

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Courses for Health Care Workers

The basic level is intended for people just starting out in their careers. Here you can acquire basic knowledge for your future profession in self-study units.

Basic course Health Care Worker

In this course, you will learn basic knowledge of a health care worker

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