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This profession is all about the production of confectionery.

What does a Confectioner do?

As a confectioner, you make confectionery such as cakes, tarts, pralines, savoury treats, cheese and party biscuits, ice cream and sugar products. You select the necessary ingredients, weigh and measure them and mix them according to the recipe. You also process the dough by hand or with the help of machines and equipment and glaze, garnish or decorate the baked goods. You are always developing and testing new recipes to expand the sales range.

What is important?

  • Sense of responsibility (e.g. in complying with food regulations)
  • Skill and a sense of aesthetics (e.g. when decorating pastries)
  • Good physical condition (e.g. when lifting heavy baking trays)
  • Enjoy inventing new recipes

Courses for Confectioners

The Level 1 = basic level is meant to give the very first basics for a profession, more like an orientation towards that profession. The Level 2 = intermediate level is for people that have mastered the basic courses and want to get a more detail knowledge for a profession. The Level 3 = advanced level is meant for people who already have knowledge in a specific industry and want to learn about specifications in that industry. The Level 4 = professional level is being designed for all those that are already working and want to acquire some new knowledge for that profession.

Basic Level

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