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Find your profession

Professional development step by step

Use our platform to keep yourself up to date professionally. 

Our goal at hub4africa is to provide you with the best possible resources to achieve your goals and realise your professional ambitions.

We offer a wide range of information on various professions and courses at four different levels.

The Level 1 = basic level is meant to give the very first basics for a profession, more like an orientation towards that profession. The Level 2 = intermediate level is for people that have mastered the basic courses and want to get a more detaile knowledge for a profession. The Level 3 = advanced level is meant for people who already have knowledge in a specific industry and want to learn about specifications in that industry. The Level 4 = professional level is being designed for all those that are already working and want to acquire some new knowledge for that profession.

  • Are you looking for a specific industry?
  • Do you not yet know which profession interests you?
  • Or do you already know that you are interested in a certain profession?

Here you can quickly find information about industries and professions.

Click here to go directly to the industries:

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On the pages for the individual professions, we present compact job profiles and our popular video series "Show me your job!", which provides insights behind the scenes. Here you can find out what skills are required for the job, what is particularly fascinating about it and also what challenges it can entail.
With our careers search you can search for the careers that interest you or narrow down what your preferences are or what you would like to do without in your working life. 

You can also use the professions slider to find inspiration.

!!!!!! This new area offers courses that are important in all sectors and all professions!!!!

Our Essential Courses

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